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Inside the world’s biggest voodoo pharmacy

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Inside the world’s biggest voodoo pharmacy: Shrunken monkey heads, elephant tail bone bracelets and love potions made from Chanel No.5 and powdered chameleon among the wares on sale

  • The Marche des Feticheurs in the Togolese capital, Lomé, is the world’s largest voodoo medicine market
  • Cures include monkey heads, which are thought to be a stimulant, and burn-healing boa constrictor skins
  • Other items on sale include £200 dried hyena heads, £80 elephant tail bones and even live hawks
  • A popular love potion on sale at the market combines Chanel No.5 perfume with ground-up dried chameleon
  • Voodoo, although associated with Haiti, originated in West Africa and is popular in Togo and neighbouring Benin

From dried out monkey heads and antelope skulls to dead birds and crates of baby crocodiles, the wares on sale at the Marche des Feticheurs in the Togolese capital, Lomé, are unusual to say the least.

The largest voodoo pharmacy in the world, the market offers a cornucopia of bizarre cures such as ‘strengthening’ elephant femur bones and rails festooned with boa constrictor skins which are thought to cure burns by locals.

‘Monkey heads are a favourite among students come finals time,’ explains Constantine James, the photographer who captured these incredible images. ‘They’re the voodoo study stimulant.’

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