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International African Festival Tübingen –open for Business

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We bring German and African business partners together!

Desperate measures calls for desperate actions! The quest for raw materials, man-power, new source of energy, production and so on makes German companies take a closer look at investing and doing Business in Africa ( sub- Saharan)

Blue prints shows that China is the new occupant or better business partners to Africa! Turkey is also aggressively penetrating Africa but surprisingly Germans who were reluctant in the past are also focusing on west and east Africa. Cultural difference, mindset, language, trade regulations amongst others use to be the main barriers to market entry but that the past.

International African Festival Tübingen, Germany breaks these barriers offering African Entrepreneurs in and out of Africa an opportunity to meet and make contacts with German companies. The Festival takes place this year from 8th to the 11th of August 2013 in Tübingen, Germany.

The main core of this festival is the Business conference which takes place on the 9th of August from 2 -5pm. This conference organized in collaboration with the chamber of commerce and industry, is a platform where German and African experts gives talks on successful business in Africa. This forum is open to all African entrepreneurs in and out of Africa, it’s a platform for Business, contacts and networking as the main audience are German and African entrepreneurs, NGOS, Financial institutions and many more

Hot topics will include amongst others

  • Sub-Saharan African market entry strategies (Renewable energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture..
  • A successful investment plan for your business
  • Financing and Export! Where to get money?
  • Security and recent development in Africa
  • Water solution for Africa

You can also be a sponsor on this festival, for all your travel needs and services

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