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Interview: Nathalie mAkoma

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Where is Makoma today?
Makoma is in the studio recording a new album. I heard a bit of it and, trust me, it’s great!

Why did you break away from the group?
Because I never had the chance to choose which direction of music I wanted to follow. I finally did decide in 2005 to leave the group Makoma to pursue a solo career doing the kind of music I ever dreamed of. I want to join the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Aretha Franklin.

Do you sometimes go back to perform with Makoma?
I am a solo artist now and I don’t perform with the Makoma group anymore.

What are the challenges you face as a solo artist?
The challenges are that I came from a successful group Makoma  and I am finding myself as a solo artist fighting to prove to all my fans that I can also do it all alone. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but with hard work, I’m having the fun of it now.

Were the challenges mostly from fans? Or family?
From both because some artists who split from successful groups mostly disappear.

Why did you change from gospel to hip-hop?
I changed from gospel to Afro/pop because being a gospel singer is spiritual. Also, I became born again for free, and I want to share the word of God for free. I’ll still be playing gospel songs from time to time but this time, it’s not going to be commercial. My changing to Afro/pop or Afro beat music is something I always wanted to do but I never had the opportunity while I was with the group Makoma.

What are your future plans as an artist?
Keep writing songs and doing good music. Singing for the world to hear. Being the voice through which the world can find peace, answers to their problems or see their wishes come true, and hopefully to become one of the biggest artists in the world. I also want to keep working on signing new artists on my new record label Goody Goody Records that I put up with my partners Don Biggalow and Sir.Frankie Osborn, to give African artists opportunities to achieve their dreams in the music world.

Tell our readers a little about your love life. Are you married?
I have a partner and we have a son.
How do you juggle being a mum and artist?
Being a mum is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I enjoy every second of it and I am happy!

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