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Press release: Investors in Europe Prepare for the 3rd and biggest Ugandan UK Diaspora Trade and Investment Expo 2013

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 “Theme: ‘Diasporans, Driving Growth in Uganda’


On the 14th Sept 2013 Ugandan Diasporans, investors interested in Africa, friends of Uganda and well-wishers will flock to  the Troxy Arena for the 3rd Ugandan UK Diaspora Trade and Investment Expo 2013.

The Uganda Diaspora Investment Expo 2013 (UK Convention) is now the  largest Ugandan gathering in Europe designed to promote Uganda and East Africa at large as a favoured investment destination in Africa. The Expo offers participants – private individuals and companies large and small – the opportunity to access our lucrative and often overlooked Diaspora market, not to mention the vast investment and business opportunities presented on the day by experts from Uganda and abroad. This year's Convention will focus on and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Ugandan community through the Expo.


"Uganda has all the attributes for an investment to thrive citing enough consumers, good infrastructure, an educated skilled human resource, a correct economic and regulatory frame work as well as a Macro economic system that is very stable –  President Museveni.

Mr. Willy Mutenza the Chairman of the Expo said "There are many benefits people will receive when they attend this Expo. Some of the essential benefits will be the discovery of new business and investment opportunities, networking, gaining priceless information, and improving personal business contacts, employment opportunities, finding potential business partners, as well as, leisure enjoyment".

To stress the positive outcomes of the Expo, the Chairman further said that already, the Expo has achieved some ground-breaking results. After the 2nd Convention a group of investors committed to invest more than $3million in a maize processing plant. Another group donated more than $50,000 to the 1st Lady who was among the guests of honour at the 2nd Convention to build a school and buy two tractors for the women of Karamoja. One must further mention that  Ugandans from the Diaspora have relocated back to Uganda and are enjoying their successful ventures.

The expo is a catalyst for rejuvenating an entrepreneurial spirit among Ugandans in the Diaspora and also a springboard and platform to promote partnerships between investors and Diaspora SMEs; not to mention established businesses from Uganda also looking for investors.

At the Convention we selectively invite experts and a large delegation representing selected government departments and they rightly, proportionally dominate most of the discussion panels. The panels discuss and interact with delegates on many issues including; the investment climate, investing in ICT, job creation, youth development and employability, leveraging public private partnerships, Diaspora bonds, Uganda Stock, opportunities for Diaspora venture capital partnerships, to mention a few.

Sponsors: The 3rd Ugandan UK Diaspora Trade and Investment Expo will  provide an exceptional opportunity for sponsors to gain exposure to 2,000 delegates, decision-makers, Ministers, and leaders in business. The Forum will receive extensive coverage across all media, including television, print and online media outlets, in the UK and internationally.


Notes to editors:

The Uganda Convention UK’s vision is to harness the tremendous skills, expertise and knowledge base of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development in Uganda. The Uganda Convention provides a platform for exchanges of ideas and networking to Ugandan Diasporans on matters of common interest and concern to them. It also aims to help the Government of Uganda to better understand and appreciate the expectations of the Ugandan Diaspora community from the land of their ancestors and more importantly, acknowledge the important role played by them in Uganda’s efforts to acquire its rightful place in the community of nations.


  • Promote the exchange of information, research and expertise and encourage new business interactions and relationships
  • To mobilize the Ugandan Diaspora to transfer knowledge, skills and technologies to Uganda to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development.
  • Identify potential opportunities in Uganda and mobilise Ugandans in the Diaspora to invest back home and increase the role of the Ugandan Diaspora in Uganda’s development.
  • Seek investment opportunities in public and private organizations within Uganda, the United Kingdom and Europe and inform Ugandans in the Diaspora.
  • Utilize the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora for the purpose of improving the livelihood of all Ugandans.
  • Raise awareness of financial services available for small-to-medium sized businesses in Uganda and the United Kingdom.
  • Lobby and influence the Ugandan Government to tap into the vast expertise of Ugandan professionals in Europe, to hasten Uganda’s socio-economic development.
  • Encourage Ugandans in the Diaspora to promote a positive image of their nation.
  • Mentor Ugandan youths in the Diaspora to instil in them a sense of patriotism and become responsible citizens
  • Create awareness of scholarship programs designed for the development of Uganda.
  • Inspire and encourage unity among Ugandans in Europe.
  • Principal Goals:
  • Increase remittances inflows through targeted investment products for Diasporans.
  • Reverse the concept of brain drain to brain gain by tapping into the huge pool of Ugandan professionals.
  • Encourage investments in key sectors – e.g. education, health, housing, sports, tourism and many more.
  • Work in partnership with the Uganda government to set up major development strategies.
  • Mobilize the Ugandan business communities in the Diaspora for investment and trade in Uganda.
  • Exhibit and celebrate the rich diversity of their cultural heritage and encourage Ugandans to be more active as ambassadors for Uganda’s culture – food, clothes, social life etc.
  • Uganda has a wealth of talent in an ever-improving education market, vast natural resources, massive energy producing capabilities, expanding tourism and hospitality services and opportunities to improve infrastructures and construction projects. Africans need to recognise their wealth of potential and work towards attaining self-sufficiency and regaining control of their destiny!


Willy Mutenza
Chairman-Uganda Convention-UK
M: +447790 647 089

Convention's Facebook:

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