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Italians overwhelmingly vote to cut the number of MPs by a third in referendum

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  • Number of MPs will be cut from 630 to 400 and senators will also be reduced
  • Almost 63 per cent voted for reduction, also supported by Government Coalition
  • Vote confirmed a constitutional amendment already pushed through Parliament

The Italian people have overwhelmingly voted to slash the size of the country’s parliament by more than a third as a cost cutting measure.

The number of MPs in the Lower House will be cut from 630 to 400 and senators from 315 to 200 after almost 63 per cent voted in favour of the reduction.

The ‘Yes’ vote was supported by the Government Coalition which includes the Democratic Party and the Five-Star Movement.

It confirmed a constitutional amendment that had already been pushed through Parliament.

The reduction will be implemented before the 2023 election.

The referendum, which was held alongside several key regional elections, was pushed by the Five Star Movement who argued that the move would reduce costs.

Last October, it said streamlining parliament would save the country €1billion (£918million) over 10 years.

But critics have argued that the move will in fact deliver minimal cost-saving benefits.

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