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Judd Apatow Calls For Cancellation of Bill Cosby’s Live Performances

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He’s one of the top writers and producers in Tinseltown and Judd Apatow is using his clout to try and get Bill Cosby banned from every venue in North America.

The “Anchorman” honcho began speaking out against the “Cosby Show” star over the weekend, citing the 30+ female accusers who have stated that Bill raped, drugged or sexually abused them years ago. Judd tweeted, “so @Centre_Square – are you really going to let Bill Cosby perform on your stage January 7? You too @BudGardens Jan 8? Is Cosby only popular in Ontario Canada at this point? Do people still find him delightful after 30 accuses?”

In response, one Twitter user stated, “@juddapatow should these allegations be proven to be true, obviously it’s a terrible thing. If they are untrue, imagine being Cosby.”

Judd tweeted back, “Imagine how those people felt to be losing consciousness and realizing what he was going to do. Unable to stop the nightmare. Also- I am pretty sure I have had sex with less people than he raped. I always wonder why some people try so hard to not believe women who have been assaulted. What is the root of that?”Gossip Center

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