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Judges speak out on Andras-Golola scandalous fight

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By Usher Komugisha

JUDGES of the controversial World Kickboxing Intercontinental fight between Nagy Andras and Ugandan Moses Golola have declared the Hungarian the winner after the fight ended controversially  in Kampala on Friday night.

Fifty-five year old Kenyan Charles Wandera, who has been a judge for 12 years, told New Vision Online after the fight that, “The truth is that Golola lost this fight because when one looks at the scorecards of all the judges, the blue corner (Nagy Andras) dominated this fight and won unanimously.”

According to Wandera, the three judges scored 10-9 in the first round for Golola but the next four rounds were won by the Hungarian 10-9 which leaves the Hungarian as the overall winner.

Fellow judges Kenyan Otieno Waryaro and South Sudanese Puro Okello could not agree further with their counterpart Wandera.

“In kickboxing, you have to follow the rules and regulations of the game which Golola did not adhere to,” Okello said.

Okello explained that: “Golola and Andras agreed at the start of the fight that they would both apply the muay-thai style but it turned out that Golola did not use the scoring lines of this fight which was a disadvantage.”

In muay-thai style of kickboxing, body punches are used less to avoid exposing the attacker’s head to counter strikes from the knees and elbows which tactic Golola fell for as he constantly engaged with Andras who earned most of his points from Golola’s exposed head.

Meanwhile, Golola’s knowledge of rituals of the muay-thai tradition was tested right at the beginning of the fight.  

He did not perform the traditional Wai Khru Ram Muay –a warm up activity that the fighters do as a respect to their teachers and to seek protection for both themselves and their opponent before every fight seeing Andras execute a presentation to the full amusement of the crowd.

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