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Justina Mutale has co-authored a book, which is headed for a Best Seller. “THE JOURNEY BEHIND: The Tale of High Profile Professionals” brings together 10 incredible high profile professional men and women from different continents of the world, ranging from Wealth Experts to Global Ambassador; Medical Doctors; Domestic Violence Experts; Emotional Intelligence Experts; and Stress Management Experts, who have walked the path of challenges and have come together to produce a book to change the readers’ world.


In her chapter, “Leading from the Heart”, Ms Mutale, who is African Woman of the Year 2012 talks about the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership and how emotional intelligence has been fundamental to sustaining her organisation, POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread, which now spans 6 continents across the globe.  She also talks about her upbringing in the Catholic faith and the strong women in her family that have shaped her work ethic and leadership style.


“Being self and socially aware has been instrumental to me and indeed to other leaders in all sectors. I can therefore, conclude by declaring that leading from the heart has borne fruit for others and for me”. Says Ms Mutale


Each of the authors have written a chapter on their subject of expertise.  Other co-authors of  “THE JOURNEY BEHIND” include Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw, Compiler of the book & Founder of Woman the Powerhouse; Dwaniel Patterson Winningham, Vice-President of a Fortune 10 Firm & Founder of Wealth Sisters Network; Karen Bashford, Founder of the Money Goddess Academy; Meredith Benidt, Social Worker; Dr Nkem Ezeilo, Medical Doctor & GP; Antoinnetta Fernandes, Life Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker; Anna Catrina Florio, Dragon Tamer and Self-Empowerment Expert; Andrea Stewart, Psychologist, Counsellor, Coach & Inspirational Communicator; and Dr Brighton Chireka, Medical Doctor & GP.


“THE JOURNEY BEHIND”, which is headed for a Best Seller status is now available for purchase from Amazon. The official Global Virtual Launch of the book is set to take place on Saturday 8 November 2014.


More information and to purchase the book:

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