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K.Michelle speaks on past drinking problems

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K.Michelle has come clean about a very personal struggle she had in the past after having an awkward discussion with Ebro Darden on Hot 97.

K.Michelle’s never had anything to hide, and she’s been very transparent about her personal life since she first appeared on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Even though she’s moved onto her very own spin-off, she’s still being completely honest about her life and how she feels about things.

That made for a very pointed on-air discussion with Ebro when she dropped by Hot 97 earlier this month. The pair started out talking about their failed almost-romance and all of the hurt feelings it generated. Once they got their personal matters resolved, the conversation shifted to some of K.Michelle’s own personal issues.

Much of her music has been influence by her personal problems and how she feels about different situations in her life. But one thing Ebro wasted no time asking about was her relationship with alcohol.

“From my first deal to now, I drank every single day. My first deal, I drank every single day, all day. Like straight from the bottle,” K.Michelle told Ebro. “I drank Jack Daniels with no chaser, just the bottle to the head… I really did have a drinking problem and it caused a lot of issues,” K.Michelle told Ebro.

Once she realized that she had an issue, she took steps to address it; the singer was proud to report that she’s gotten her drinking under control. “That took a toll on me and now I look up and I can have a cocktail,” said K.Michelle. “My friends be on three or four and I’m still on one. I don’t like the person I am when I’m really drunk. I now see the difference between sober K. Michelle, tipsy K. Michelle and just drunk K. Michelle.”

There’s a big difference between tipsy K.Michelle and drunk K.Michelle, but it doesn’t take much for one to turn into the other.

“Tipsy K. Michelle is cute. She’s really fun and the life of the party,” the singer explained. “But one glass over tipsy K. Michelle? Oh, it’s hell for the world. I’m learning that dark liquor and Jack Daniels is not the move for me in public arenas–and not the move for me if I’m already having a day or going through something.”

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