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Kanye West Named Most Stylish Man of 2014

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“Since he burst onto the scene in pink polo shirts and Louis Vuitton backpacks over a decade ago, West has shifted the landscape of men’s fashion with his forward-thinking style. 2014 was no different,” writes GQ of the designation.

It goes on to cite Kanye’s “bomber jackets, Chelsea boots [and] over-sized coats” as examples of how he helped define what this year meant to men in terms of the things they wear.

West, meanwhile, plans to take his stylish talents to a younger generation, as he’s reportedly set to design children clothing in the coming year.

He also may be adding another child of his very own, though he and Kardashian are allegedly having trouble conceiving.

We wish them the best of luck in this endeavor and we can’t wait to see what sort of fashion choices the famous couple comes up with in 2015.


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