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Kate Middleton has a few grey hairs – just like millions of other women in their 30s

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Shock, horror… Kate has a few grey hairs.

In other news, her toenails grow longer if she doesn't cut them and she also regularly brushes her teeth so they don't get decayed.

Basically what we 'discovered' yesterday, thanks mostly to the zoom function on the camera lens, is that Kate is exactly like millions of other women in their 30s.

We 'discovered' that, contrary to popular belief, she does not have superhuman 'royal hair' which lands perfectly round her shoulders every morning with just one toss of her regal head.

Instead, just like the rest of us, she has to work at keeping her glossy, long locks lovely – and right now, with the new baby and all that, she just doesn't have the time.

So why is this news? How did this manage to knock the fact that husband William watched two LIVE OPERATIONS yesterday off every single front page?

The royal household will be dismayed, but there is a valid point in play here –  people DO care – even if they pretend they don't.

Because, part of the reason that she has the ability to draw such enormous attention to the important charities and causes she cares about is that people love to watch and read about Kate the person – and, like it or not, this includes her clothes, her hair and the fact she is a new mum.

Whole websites have been set up dedicated to following her fashion.

One – What Kate Wore – has been listed in Time Magazine's top 50 most influential blogs.

I know from covering numerous royal jobs that one of the best ways to pick up new followers on Twitter is to be the first to tweet Kate's outfit on a royal engagement – much to the dismay of many a baffled male reporter found asking "Is her skirt jade or teal?".

And her hair – the hair has been her trademark ever since Kate first appeared on the scene, inspiring women round the world to ditch the peroxide and for glossy brunette shine.

It has always been talked about – from the day she got a new fringe last year to the time it was reported online she had hair extensions until everyone realised the mark on her scalp was actually a childhood scar.

There are people who frown at this and say "It shouldn't be about how she looks, it should be about what she does", but the fact remains that, Kate's beauty is part of what makes her so appealing.

Are you seriously telling me William didn't notice?

She also has the brains and discipline to learn quickly about royal duties, natural charm that wins over the public when she's out and about and a sense of inner calm and focus that sees her brush off being the subject of discussions like, well, this one.

It's not ALL about how she looks, but it is partly about how she looks.

Not that I think for a minute that these few grey hairs will affect the public's perception of her as a beauty and style icon. If anything, they will serve to make her more loved by the public and new mums round the world who will shout "what a relief, she's just like us!"

I suspect she may even unwittingly start a whole new trend in "natural grey".

I also suspect that by the time we next see her she will have found the time to get her roots done.

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