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Katherine Jackson Unfit, Debbie Rowe Files For Legal Custody of MJs Kids

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Debbie Rowe will reportedly file for custody of Michael Jackson‘s three kids in an attempt to provide them the best possible home life.

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson, has been the guardian of the children. Rowe believes that the 83-year-old may be unfit to care for the children, citing her older age. A judge appointed TJ Jackson co-guardianship alongside Katherine to assist in caring for the children. Yet, he is often missing from the children’s lives because of touring and music commitments.

Rowe is apparently concerned about the influence the children’s current environment and their home life. She told friends that the presence of the children’s uncles has resulted in them behaving badly. Sixteen year old Paris Jackson attempted to take her own life last year after writing a series of cryptic messages on social media. While Paris has managed to seek assistance in working through her personal issues, Rowe says she is worried about her recovery.

Guardianship of the children has been a major cause of concern for the Jackson family even before the musician’s 2009 death.

Rowe is the biological mother of Prince and Paris Jackson but relinquished all rights in legal documents between her and the late entertainer for a reported $6 million settlement. She sued to regain custody of the children a decade ago due to Jackson cutting financial support. That case was settled out of court.

Rowe says she will not sue the estate for any money to assist with the raising of the children. Instead she is more concerned about their well being.

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