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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Fighting Over Their Wedding?

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Kanye is said to be planning a lavish $30 million wedding for Kim but he’s keeping it all top secret! A shocking report claims Kim is not happy that he’s in total control.

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful process but the last thing you want is a groomzilla! It sounds like Kanye West might be taking his wedding to Kim Kardashian to an extreme and his bride-to-be isn’t too thrilled about it, according to Life&Style magazine.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Fighting Over Their Wedding

Getting married is supposed to be a happy time, but not for Kim!

“Now he’s working on all these huge surprises for the wedding, but as a result she has virtually no idea what is going to happen at her won wedding,” the source says. “She’s been kept in the dark about a lot of the details and that doesn’t make her happy.”

Kim, who has been married twice before, is reportedly fighting quite a bit with Kanye. Not just over their wedding, but where to live! They’re in the middle of a massive renovation on their LA home, so they’re stuck living at Kris Jenner‘s house. Kim reportedly “never wanted” the renovations and she’s less than thrilled with what’s going on.

Kanye Says North West Is Not Invited On Honeymoon

Kim, who loves spending time with her daughter North West, was reportedly told by Kanye that she can’t tag along on the romantic honeymoon. Oh no!

“Kanye has made it clear to Kim he doesn’t want North to come with them on their honeymoon,” a source revealed during an interview with Radar Online. “Kim hates to leave the baby behind, but will definitely need down time after the wedding.”

We bet this is just another thing that’s driving Kim crazy! HollywoodLifers, is it normal for Kim and Kanye to be fighting while planning their wedding?

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