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Lack of sleep damages brain: study

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Lack of sleep can result in the loss of brain tissue, a new study out of Sweden says.

Even just one night of sleep deprivation increases morning blood concentrations of certain molecules that, when they rise, indicate brain damage, the researchers from Uppsala University found.

As part of the study, 15 men were tested after sleeping for eight hours one night, then being sleep-deprived another night.

The night sleep was disrupted, the researchers saw an increase in blood concentrations of the molecules NSE and S-100B.

“These brain molecules typically rise in blood under conditions of brain damage. Thus, our results indicate that a lack of sleep may promote neurodegenerative processes,” lead author of the study Christian Benedict said in a release Tuesday. “The findings of our trial indicate that a good night’s sleep may be critical for maintaining brain health.”

The study appears in the journal SLEEP.

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