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Leading African Social Network launches $3000 ‘I Love Africa’ Video Competition

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To celebrate the launch of their new ‘Communities’ feature, Afroterminal.com – the leading African Social Network, has partnered with OH TV (a UK TV Channel) to launch the $3000 ‘I Love Africa’ video competition.

Afroterminal.com, touted by Forbes in 2012 as one of Africa’s hottest tech start-ups, is an online social network focused on creating and sustaining friendships for its African members. Unlike many social platforms across Africa which focus on memberships from a specific country, Afroterminal.com boasts of a very diverse membership – with regular members hailing from all 53 African countries.

Afroterminal.com has recently launched a new ‘Communities’ ethos which encourages new and existing members to join Communities, based on their location and topics of interest. The Communities model re-enforces Afroterminal.com’s focus on the African culture – which is rich in mutual respect, family and community spirit.

Afroterminal.com also provides users with mobile and desktop chat functionalities, lively forum discussions, chatrooms, photos, videos, music and much more.

Charles Akpom – UK-based co-founder/ CEO of Afroterminal.com explains the thinking behind the ‘I Love Africa’ video competition: “There is so much bad press about Africa – and yet, for those of us from the beautiful continent – we know Africa is the future. We want to allow everyone express why they love our Motherland, through video. Most Africans are proud of where we come from; we just need to tell the world and show Africa in a positive light. The competition encourages users to create short videos showcasing why they love Africa. The videos can be as creative or simple as the users want it to be. It could be a dance, a song, a poem or a simple monologue (talking to the camera).”

After a voting process by the public, the 3 most popular videos (those with the most Afroterminal ‘Likes’) will be shortlisted. A celebrity panel of judges from across Africa will vote to select the winner from the 3 finalists. The winner will receive a $3000 cash prize, plus an OH Box (OH TV’s portable digital TV modem).

Entries for the competition open on Monday 19th November 2012, and the 3 finalists will be selected 3 months later. “We encourage members of the public to create and post their videos early, so that they can receive enough votes. 3 months gives our participants the opportunity to create their videos, and gives the public enough time to vote,” says Charles Akpom.

For details on how participate in the I Love Africa video competition, please visit the following link:


If you are not yet a member of Afroterminal.com, simply sign up (takes less than 2 minutes) and post your video entry.

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