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One book is transforming the Lives of Women globally…

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If you are wondering what you will gain from the reading Sandra Nelson’s book; ‘Super Abundance Grace, the best thing to do is read recent testimonials from visitors of her recent virtual launch. So many women are testifying of how their lives have been transformed through the words within this motivational book.

Whether you are in need of spiritual counselling; guidance within your personal life or direction to elevate your business, you can be blessed by Sandra Nelson’s words of encouragement. Aside from her book, one can also find solutions to many of life’s hurdles by attending one of Sandra Nelson’s life transforming conferences.

So many miracles have occurred during the LiftEffects conferences and they are all documented within Sandra’s book ‘Super Abundance Grace’.  Women immediately feel mesmerised and gain the inspiration to allow God to transform their lives!

This book has caused those who had no faith or hope in themselves to find joy and light! It has renewed the faith in God for those who wavered through despair. It has even brought non-believers towards Christ and subsequently his Grace.

Super Abundance Grace will make you believe in yourself! If you never felt the omnipotent and spiritual essence of being loved by God, this book will remind you that although you may have felt lost, there is a blessing called grace that will get you through!

What is Super Abundance Grace?

In order to understand grace in abundance, one would revert to the dictionary meaning. The dictionary defines grace as “smoothness and elegance of movement.“

More words are included in the dictionary to define grace;- elegance, poise, finesse, charm and engaging these attributes requires putting them to work, through our behaviours and attitudes.

grace can also be described as the outward reflection of the divine influence in the human spirit. The grace of God is supernatural; it brings favour, prosperity, healing, supernatural increase and promotion into our lives. Grace also brings acceptability, honour, and dignity to us, causing us to reign in life. Grace attracts the right people into our lives and makes us do the right things at the right time. “ (Taken from the book;- Super Abundance Grace). 

According to Sandra Nelson;- the author of ‘Super Abundance Grace;’ the dictionary is not the only place to find grace! She agrees that grace is all of these things but it also carries with it, a supernatural element.


For more details on the book, or to purchase a copy now, click here and visit amazon.

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A lady of many talents, not only is Sandra Nelson a qualified linguist (BA Linguistics),she is also a well established financial adviser (at a leading UK bank), a certified business analyst , a wonderful wife,a mother of two, an author of bestselling book “The Giant within Us”, transformational speaker,as well as a minister and the founder of LIFTEFFECTS.

For more information about Lift Effects events please visit the Facebook page where you can access Sandra directly or read the latest reviews of her  latest book; Super Abundance Grace.

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