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Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton Talk Prison, Album Collaboration.

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Paris: If you would be on the album, then I would be honored. That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something.

Wayne: Cool. Sounds good.

Chris Brown Clarifies Rihanna "Mishap" Remark

Chris Brown raised eyebrows – shocker there, we know – with a recent interview in which he said he was done apologizing for attacking Rihanna.
While the point was that he can't just keep saying sorry every minute of every day for life, it was the word "mishap" that the media seized upon.
He put himself in this position with his own actions, but this was somewhat unfair to Brown, who was trying to make a broader point about fame.

The pop beauty sizzles on the cover of Rolling Stone, giving her admirable rear a starring role.

She's clad in a revealing pair of shredded hot pants that appear to have come under attack by sharks.
The striking snap also marks the return of her permed red hair as she poses seductively on a balcony.
Rihanna's timely profile-raising cover comes amid reports that concert promoters are concerned at the sluggish sale of tickets for her upcoming summer tour.

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