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LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner Shares 3 Pieces Of Career Advice That Changed His Life

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LinkedIn’s CEO “Jeff Weiner” shares the top 3 pieces of career advice that changed his life.

Jeff Weiner’s Life Changing Career Advice

Looking back over my career to date, I can identify at least three clear influences that forever altered my career path. In retrospect, it’s interesting to see how different the context was for each: parental advice, a passage in a book, and a persistent boss. Despite the contrasts, all three share one thing in common — reinforcing the importance of knowing what it is you ultimately want to accomplish, and being open to allowing outside forces to help clarify, reinforce and facilitate the path to making it happen.

Here are the three pieces of advice that helped shape my career:


1. You can do anything you set your mind to

2. Everything that can be converted from an atom to a bit, will be

3. Do you want to push paper around or do you want to build products that change people’s lives?


For a more in depth explanation of these 3 points by Jeff Weiner himself, please visit the original article here: Jeff Weiner’s 3 Pieces of Career Advice That Changed His Life

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