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Local charity helps to kick corruption out of Kenya with community football tournament

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On Saturday 10th November, over 50 players will battle it out at Vijana Amani Pamoja’s [VAP] inaugural Kick-Out Corruption Graduation Community Football Tournament in Mathare, Nairobi. The event comes as corruption in Kenya is increasingly scrutinised in the run up to the hotly anticipated 2013 presidential election.


The action-packed event, targeting young people aged 12 – 15 and members of the Mathare community, will highlight the dangers of corruption whilst equipping participants with corruption-prevention skills and knowledge.


The graduation tournament is a culmination of VAP’s unique Kick-Out Corruption program which was launched to counteract corruption in Kenya through the universal language of football. The program has now been successfully operating in Nairobi schools for 18 months. Using an interactive football-inspired curriculum, the project addresses corruption head-on to help create future leaders with great integrity. The players, from Mcedo Primary School, Mathare, will all be graduates of the program.


For the day-long tournament, participants will be divided into teams depending on their career ambitions. Doctors will compete against lawyers; politicians will clash with teachers during the football games which will feature cones, or ‘corruption obstacles’. These obstacles will be labelled with corruption drivers and consequences including greed, tribalism, nepotism, exploitation, bribery and blackmail.


Enouce Ndeche, VAP’s Executive Director, explains: “By putting the corruption obstacles in the way of players, we are clearly demonstrating that corruption stands in the way of people achieving their ambitions and leading happy, fulfilled lives. As a society, we need to give corruption the red card.”


Alongside the football games, the young people will also participate in team-based interactive anti-corruption activities taken from the Kick-Out Corruption curriculum. Delivered by local volunteers dubbed the ‘Anti-Corruption Crusaders’, the football-inspired activities aim to:

  • Increase belief that wealth does not have to come from corruption
  • Increase perception of opportunity
  • Increase collective belief to fight corruption
  • Increase resistance to corruption
  • Encourage the active sharing of anti-corruption values

Enouce Ndeche, VAP’s Executive Director, adds, “The Kick-Out Corruption Tournament will speak to young people in their own language, the international language of football. By making corruption relevant to their everyday lives, messages of leadership, integrity and equality became even more powerful. It is through this kind of grassroots activity that I believe we can eliminate corruption from Kenyan society.”


For press enquiries, contact:

Hannah Adam, Vijana Amani Pamoja / 0734 320 614


Founded in 2003, Vijana Amani Pamoja [VAP] is a youth charity which uses the power of soccer to mobilize social change in the areas of reproductive health including HIV/AIDS, female empowerment and anti-corruption.

Based in Nairobi, VAP currently spearheads four programs – Skillz KenyaStop TBMrembo Girls Program and Kick-Out Corruption—and organises community soccer tournaments where HIV, cervical cancer and TB screening is available in a safe, team-based environment. Activities are delivered by peer educators, many of whom are local soccer stars.

The organisation’s mission is to integrate social and economic values through soccer by creating a pro-active health environment.

VAP’s partners and supporters include FIFA, Global Giving, 2 Way Development, Grassroot Soccer, Nairobi City Council, For Granted, GOAL Kenya and the Egmont Trust.

For further information, visit:

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