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Lord Sheikh (House of Lords), Chairman of the Conservative Ethnic Diversity Council

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Transcript from his speech at the 1st Ugandan UK Convention

Mohamed was born in Kenya and brought up in Uganda. His parents originated from the sub-continent of India. Mohamed attended Government schools in Mbale (Uganda) where he attained the Cambridge Higher School Certificate.

On arrival in the United Kingdom, he started his insurance career by joining the Sun Alliance Insurance Company in London. He attended the City of London College and Holborn College where he completed the Associateship of The Chartered Insurance Institute and subsequently passed the Fellowship of The Chartered Insurance Institute. Later he also attained the Financial Planning Certificate.

Sheikh urged listeners to become part of the establishment wherever they go, and get a hold in the professional or business organizations in their respective fields, thus contributing to the advancement of the professional bodies and get recognition through success.

And quoting Lord Francis Bacon who said “I hold every man a debtor to his profession”, Lord Sheikh shared his belief that every member of the Diaspora is a debtor to his country of origin.
He went on to explain what he thought were the essential ingredients for success in business.

  • Build a strong team.
  • Be Innovative
  • Look for new opportunities
  • Have a vision!
  • Produce a product that provides value for money and is appropriately priced
  • Have an active marketing strategy
  • Always place great importance on customer care and ensure that standards of service are always high.

To be successful in business, one needs to look at trends and think of making products and services that will be needed. “Be a leader”, he urged, “think of something new, what the trend is going to be”. He recalled how his father used to tell him to follow three principles in life: to be the best in whatever he does, to be magnanimous and charitable and lastly, to always serve the community.
He said that the Diaspora of any foreign country tends to do well in the UK, but it must always remember where it comes from and keep affiliations with the mother land. “Your country needs you”, he said forcefully. He reminded everyone that Winston Churchill considered Uganda to be ‘The Pearl of Africa’, that Uganda still maintained that lustre and that the Diaspora has a role to play to ensure that the shine is maintained and continues to be maintained.

Lord Sheikh is an active Peer and speaks regularly in the House of Lords on a variety of subjects.  His speeches and questions are on his website.

Mohamed has his own Coat of Arms which was designed by the College of Arms. It signifies the importance of education and conveys the message that Islam is a religion of peace.
His coat of arms is shown on the homepage of his website:

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