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Love Quote: The love you find with your heart tends to last longer than the love you find with your eyes.

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“What is love?”

That was the question I was asked by a reader of mine and for weeks I pondered this question. The truth of the matter is I don’t know what love is – I don’t think anyone does – and that’s where the pondering began. My saving grace in this situation is the reader made it clear that they only wanted to know what I thought it was. Not a definitive answer. So, since I am not being asked to provide “thee” definition of love but rather “ah” definition of love, here goes.

I believe in unseen forces in nature. I believe that there are forces that exist that are uncontrollable, undeniable, unable to be rejected and quite frankly, dominate our entire existence. One such force is gravity. Gravity doesn’t require my faith. I can stand on the top of a building and deny gravity, denounce it, rebuke it, reject it, and declare that it doesn’t exist. But I when I step, I will fall.

Gravity – what we call this unseen force of nature in English – draws things to the center of the Earth.

I believe Love is the unseen force of nature that draws humans to nouns – people, places, things.

We all love. We all love something. Many things. We fall in love with things all the time. We find new things to love while loving old things. Just like gravity can pull on everything on the planet, we are drawn to everything there is to possibly love. Our ability to generate love is greater than any other power we possess as humans and the limits to that ability are endless.

Love is amoral. It is not good or bad, it just is. Like gravity. It is a force that draws and cares not about what you believe, think, accept, reject, etc. Love is. You don’t have the money? Love don’t care, you are still drawn to Paris. You married with kids? Love don’t care, you are still drawn to that other person. You’re allergic to dander? Love don’t care, you are still drawn to that puppy. You’re not a religious person? Love don’t care, you are still drawn to Joel Osteen. (seriously, I love that guy and I don’t know why.)

Love is the force behind everything humans do. From the most beautiful things to the most evil things that happen on this planet, the force behind it is love. Just as humans have studied and created ways to harness and counter the force of gravity when need be, so have humans studied and created ways to harness and counter the force of love when need be. Because life is an activity. While we are drawn to nouns, we live by verb. While Love may be amoral, the things we do are not. So though we love that other person, we must not see them because we are married with children. Though we love the puppy, we must not hug it and squeeze it because of our allergies. The strength of Love is why humans need values, manners, codes of conduct, and good old common sense. That’s why the dynamic duo is Peace and Love. For while all is fair is Love, not so much in Peace. Peace has rules. And when coupled with Love, all is right in the world.

At least, that’s how I see it.

Remember. No always. No never.

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