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Magic Johnson Still Beating HIV 20 Years Later

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Johnson famously couldn’t stay away from basketball after his retirement, spreading the truth about HIV transmission to players and fans who sometimes balked at his participation. He was the MVP of the 1992 All-Star game and won a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics before briefly coaching the Lakers in 1994 and returning to the court for 32 games in 1996, finally retiring in uniform.

Johnson is now a hugely successful businessman, a basketball commentator, a doting husband and a grandfather to his son Andre’s two children. Yet he’s still raising money and awareness, always working to create the same limitless future for others.

“The only problem is, I would be happier if the numbers in the black and brown communities would go down,” Johnson said, citing the majority of each year’s 60,000 new U.S. cases of HIV in minority communities. “There’s been millions of people that have died since I announced 20 years ago, and so this is a bittersweet day. Yes, I’m living, but people are still getting this virus even as we speak. We must change the mindset, and we must do a better job educating those who live in urban America about this disease.”

Magic Johnson Net Worth
Magic Johnson is the 4th richest black american with a net worth: $500 million As May 2009
Source of Wealth: Restaurants, real estate, investmentsThe retired professional basketball after announcing he had contracted HIV, became an entrepreneur. He introduced well-known brands to diverse neighborhoods via Magic Johnson Enterprises. With his several partnerships with companies like Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, T.G.I. Fridays, AMC Theatres, invested in urban real estate and companies catering to America’s underserved markets via his Canyon-Johnson and Yucaipa-Johnson funds. He has donated several millions to community-based organizations that focus on HIV/AIDS education and prevention. He now runs Magic Johnson Enterprises, a company that has a net worth of $700 million

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