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Makerere goes to polls

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Students at Makerere University will today head for their 79th guild elections, three weeks after campaigns kicked off at the campus.

Many of the students go to cast their vote, bearing in mind to elect a leader who will be able to negotiate the 60 per cent tuition policy which the administration intends to implement this year.

The cause of a violent demonstration two weeks ago, the tuition issue has since been the focal point of all the eight candidates throughout the campaigns; each of the candidates promising that they would not want to see the proposal implemented due to financial differences among students.

However, the university administration has already made its stance clear that the policy will stay because it was a decision taken by the University Council in 2006 and this would only be the implementation stage.

The tuition policy expects students to pay 60 per cent of their fees within the first six weeks of the semester. The Daily Monitor also understands that the students have petitioned Parliament over the matter and soon, the university officials could appear before the August House to defend their position.

“We are ready for the elections and we have already hired presiding officers to help us get through the elections peacefully. The campaigns have been calm apart from the incident at Kabanyoro, [where a candidate was barred from speaking by a rival group],” Mr Geoffrey Kasumba, the Makerere Electoral Commission spokesperson, said in an interview on Saturday.

The elections will take place at the university’s 30 colleges and schools, with stiff competition lying between FDC’s Anna Adeke and NRM’s Boniface Okot.

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