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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Missing: Terrorism Fears Emerge After Two Passengers Boarded With Stolen Passports

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While the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are still unknown, new details are surfacing about the plane’s mysterious disappearance. Several news outlets report that two passengers aboard the Boeing 777-200 weren’t who they said they were, sparking fears of a possible terrorist plot.

According to the New York Times, the names of two passengers listed on the flight’s manifest, passengers 63 and 101, match the names of two passports that were stolen in Asia a few years ago. The passports belonged to two men – one Austrian and one Italian – who authorities have confirmed were not on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and are in fact alive. The Italian man, Luigi Maraldi, told reporters that he lives in Bangkok.

The passports were both reported stolen in Thailand. According to China Southern, which operates a codeshare on the flight, both passengers using the stolen passports had booked through its ticketing office, the Telegraph reports.

“We believe that the name and passport were used by an unidentified person to board the plane,” a spokesman for the Austria foreign ministry told NBC News.

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