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Married People and Social Media

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I have this awesome friend on twitter that I was actually crushing on because he was really sweet. We talk like almost everytime via dms and whenever he doesn’t reply my messages on time, I actually feel sad. He’s one of the reasons I will get aprehensive when MTN decides to get funny or when twitter for blackberry starts messing up. In fact, I started using my ubersocial app just for this bobo. The crush was very real; it’s not love but I liked how he made me feel anytime we talk. I won’t lie, I was hoping this guy would just ask me out and I will scream YES in my mind first, front a little and then say yes. It was all there in my head.

I was still in my hoping mood when he told he had a son. In my mind, I started praying for it to be a love child (I know that was childish but I was crushing hard). I could not even scream when he said he was happily married with two sons. I was too shocked and somehow heartbroken but who I wan tell? I just pretended as if I was indifferent about the information he just shared with me and continued chatting with him.

Just imagine if I was the straightforward type and I had done the asking out for him? I would have closed my account out of shame or blocked him or something childish *heavy sigh*  You will be thinking husband materials when they are actually husbands already. I love the married friends I met via twitter. They are the best and most awesome people you can have around you. These people know the right things to say and when to say them. They are really sweet people and it is very easy to like them and start thinking “over board”.

I think married people should stay married and leave the social networks for young, single. I’m not saying social networking sites are the places to go and for love but like Rihanna, we find love in hopeless places. It is not cool to have our hearts broken like that as these “people” are the nicest you will meet on social networks by leading us on. Married people should always put it on their bios that they are married, it helps us understand how to relate with you guys better.

Apart from the heartbreaks, social networks can actually be time draining. There’s so much happening online that sometimes, you lose track of how much time you’ve spent tweeting, checking instagram pictures or facebooking. If your time online infringes on your real time marriage relationship, it is time to dump that phone and start making changes. Your families always come first and it should remain that way. Don’t let this be a distraction when you with your partner. This should also apply to other areas too like at your place of work. Never pick social networking over your job, twitter or instagram won’t pay your bills when they kick you out.

Keep all your private matters very private. It is none of the world’s business if your spouse is out of town or both of you are quarelling. Some things are not supposed to be shared with the public. Don’t announce it every time you guys have a fight or something. Share very little information about your relationships online. Don’t go online and look for exes; especially the ones you still really like. Let your past stay in your past, don’t bring them to your present if it’s going to be a threat to your relationship.

In my opinion, social networking sites are only safe for married people if it is not a threat to your marriage. If it is, deactivate your accounts and focus on making your home a beautiful one.

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