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Mathew Knowles Reveals Biggest Regret Regarding Destiny’s Child

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Mathew Knowles’ managing career took a major dive after Beyonce fired him, but he’s holding on to hope that things will pick up via a Destiny’s Child reunion, seeing as he claims he technically still manages the R&B girl group.

In a recent interview, Mathew reveals his biggest regret regarding the group and he says it was agreeing to let R&B group Jagged Edge tour with the girls years ago.

When asked what was his biggest regret, he tells the Wall Street Journal:

“Probably putting Jagged Edge on the same tour bus with Destiny’s Child when they were young — that would be one of my biggest regrets LOL. When you see the movie, or the play, that will become a very important part that nobody knows…Years ago, tryna save money. Wasn’t a good decision.”



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