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MedOrange Storms the Pharma Market With the Launch of A New World-Class Online Pharmacy

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Zimbabweans in the diaspora can now purchase medicines, health and beauty products online to be delivered to their loved ones back home.

HARARE, Zimbabwe –- MedOrange is an online pharmacy store powered by Contitouch Technologies to provide access to affordable medicines, pharmaceutical care, health, and beauty products at the click of a button.

The new online store is set to complement the existing range of MedOrange retail stores and help the shift to online shopping, which we have witnessed evolve in Zimbabwe over the last few months. The Covid-19 pandemic and the need to adhere to recommended protocols has been a key driver in accelerating the switch to online.

Managing Director of MedOrange Pharmacies, Diana Hore says ‘’Our world-class online store is built for such a time as this, offering a full range of pharmaceutical and allied services at highly competitive prices. This is also supported by a robust door to door delivery service which offers an  unmatched convenience to our diverse customers across the country’’.

The MedOrange network of pharmacies provides an excellent one-stop shop covering medicines, a wellness and fitness bar, beauty and make up services, mother and baby, customised First Aid Kits, Covid PPE, unique gifts for all occasions, and a delivery service through a qualified, professional and passionate team. The MedOrange group is well known for its competitive pricing and adherence to international standards of service.

“Once in a while, opportunities present themselves in the form of a new season. Each new season brings with it renewed hope, fresh thinking, optimism, and innovation.  We are excited to announce the launch of We have re-branded some of the formerly Booties Pharmacies in Zimbabwe to MedOrange. The move is designed to create a  whole new customer experience and tap into the increasing demand for more accessible, professional and highly affordable pharmaceutical care, health and beauty products“ adds Hore.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe reports that approximately USD1bn of remittances are received annually with research showing that approximately 30% of this amount being used for health care services. There is a demand from the diaspora population for a transparent, efficient and affordable way of purchasing medication for their family & friends in Zimbabwe.  Studies have shown that remittances play a vital role in allowing low-income earners and the underprivileged to access healthcare services.

According to the In-depth Analysis and Data-driven Insights on the Impact of COVID-19, the report states that the global online pharmacy market is predicted to grow to over $131 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of over 20% in revenue. The industry is heading towards an unprecedented growth in both developing and developed economies. The role of pharmacies has changed over the years, they are no longer just medicinal product suppliers but are also providers of wellness, beauty and other complimentary services. The increased collaboration is another significant driver contributing to the growth of the market with online pharmacy companies collaborating with MedTech, Health Tech, and insurance companies to increase their reach and revenue.

MedSelf-care is gradually enhancing due to an increase in health awareness in the populations of developed and developing economies like Zimbabwe. The increase in demand for self-care is expected to increase the demand for online services, especially for Over The Counter medicines.

MedOrange Pharmacies Diana Hore comments ”there has been a proliferation of middlemen in countries such as South Africa, the UK and the US  who are charging customers huge commissions for medicine delivery to Zimbabwe. The MedOrange platform eliminates the third parties in the ecosystem and provides an efficient bridge to provide affordable medicines and health care services to Zimbabwe. The online platform also provides several payment options – from Ecocash to RTGS, Visa and Mastercard, giving customers at home or in the diaspora multiple payment options.” she adds “We are excited about the future – The future is digital. We believe our platform will continue to make a huge difference in the shift to online, fighting against COVID-19 and making medicines accessible to the underserviced areas.”

The platform is user friendly and benefits from a chatbot service, email, and WhatsApp contact number, providing customers access to a network of friendly pharmacists anytime, anywhere. Dedicated customer service phone numbers also ensure that valued customers have uninterrupted access to all services. The MedOrange online shop provides delivery services to all major towns and cities in Zimbabwe.

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About MedOrange Pharmacies

MedOrange is the fastest growing retail pharmaceutical brand in Zimbabwe. The group de-merged from a 10 year partnership in the Booties pharmacies and rebranded into MedOrange in 2020.  The retail pharmaceutical chain has established a network of pharmacies across Zimbabwe. In keeping with the digital transformation, MedOrange has built a word class online store to help customers both in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora to have easy access to affordable and high quality pharmaceutical care , health and beauty products.

Since the digital platform was launched in late 2020, the company has seen customers flocking into the platform to access medical, skin care, baby and beauty products. The online store is manned by friendly pharmacists 24/7 giving customers an opportunity to interact via a chatbot, WhatsApp or through email exchange. The platform also has dedicated customer service phone numbers to ensure that our valued customers have uninterrupted access to our services.

The online pharmacy store is supported by a robust delivery platform which gives customers an opportunity to track their medicines. Our professional team of MedOrange drivers are always on the call  ready to deliver  when you need it.

In these trying times of the pandemic and the need to enforce  social and physical distancing, it has become  imperative to offer our customers a safer way of accessing their medicines and other essential products.

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Mr Valentine Zhou,, +263 776 707 899

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