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Meet the 8-Year-Old Millionaire Who Has Taken YouTube by Storm

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By on October 21, 2014

When you were eight years old, what kind of stuff did you make? For most of us, making stuff while we were in elementary school was about drawing or painting pictures for our parents or caretakers. Or maybe you were in to making collages? How about ant or worm farms? Building those in a jar was all the rage for a bit. It probably didn’t occur to any of us to make a million dollars when we were eight. A million was one of those unimaginable numbers, like people who said they were super old, like, 30. For Evan, a second grader who posts product reviews on YouTube, making a million is all in a day’s work. His videos have earned him a whopping $1.3 million thus far. That makes him one of the highest paid Youtube stars in the world. His average take per year is $41,000, and that’s after splitting the ad revenue with YouTube. So – what’s his secret? It may have something to do with the fact that he’s cute as a button, says exactly what he thinks, and has no clue how famous he has become.

Evan, whose last name is unavailable anywhere, is actually just your average kid. He goes to elementary school, hangs out with his friends and family, does his homework, and goes to karate practice. His parents have been adamant about keeping him a kid, even as his online popularity grows. (Hence the no-last-name-available policy.) They have also worked very hard to keep where the family lives out of the public eye. So far, even with major articles in Newsweek, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post, their strategy seems to be working.


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