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Military storms newspaper house hunting journalists

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CameroonJournal, Douala, April 30 – Elements of the Military Security (SEMIL) in the Littoral are currently on the hunt for Bartholomew Nzock, a reporter for the French language newspaper ‘Aurore Plus’ and its publisher, Michel Michaut Musala.

A communique issued by the paper’s management late yesterday, says four SEMIL elements led by Lieutenant Gerald Ekotto Thierry, Chief of Bureau for Investigation and Research in its Littoral branch, stormed their newspaper house Tuesday around 1:15 p.m. when they were about starting an editorial meeting

“In an authoritarian manner, Lieutenant Ekotto Gérald Thierry, asked to see the Publisher, Michel Michaut Musala and our collaborator Bartholomew Nzock. Faced with the absence of the duo, the Chief said his visit was to hear the publisher and interrogate Barthélemy Nzock,” the communique stated.

On the spot, the Lieutenant phoned the absentee publisher who was attending a meeting in Yaounde to inform him they were present in his office. The ‘Aurore Plus’ communique said the Lieutenant asked Musala to report to the Littoral branch of SEMIL with his collaborator Barthélemy Nzock upon his return to Douala.

The Military Security refused to unveil the reason for their impromptu visit, insisting to do so only when the sought-after journalists answered their summons. However, Ekotto gave a hint for their visit when he presented an edition of Aurore Plus, edition No. 1590 of Tuesday, April 29, 2014 with the lead story “2nd Military Regiment – Weapons Disappear at Douala Military Tribunal.”

The Article, bylined by Bartholomew Nzock was published on page seven. According to the Lieutenant, Nzock published an article about a matter that is still very confidential.

‘Aurore Plus’ management denouncing the action, observed that their publisher and reporter Bartholomew Nzock are not summoned for false information, but are being reproached for publishing information that was still lying in secrecy.

“We denounce this violation of the sacred space of our newsroom prohibited by law. We condemn in the strongest terms any desire to silence media professionals in the exercise of their profession,” concluded the communique.

We shall surely spill the bean when Michel Michaut Musala and Bartholomew Nzock answer their summons. Affaire a suivre…
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