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‘Millionaire’ contestant gives impromptu African dance lesson

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One Who Wants to be a Millionaire contestant showed off his knowledge of African dance moves during the show, and the hilariously embarrassing result has been making its way around social media.

Earlier this week, Jeff Hunsicker joined the show, and when the show’s host Cedric The Entertainer found out he took an African dance class in college, he asked the contestant for a demonstration.

The Pennsylvania native danced, and even Cedric was unsure of what to do.

At the conclusion, Cedric jokes that he stuck with the dougie, saying, “You were doing African dance, I was doing African-American.”

While most comments have been applauding Hunsicker for attempting the dance in front of an audience, there is one YouTube user who finds the demonstration offensive.

The user was offended that his or her West African culture was “made a mockery of.”

Is the African dance demonstration funny and harmless, or is it offensive? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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