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The miracle of womanhood in sisterhood

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By By Donette Read Kruger

The women of the West demand equality and once they have it, thinking they can change the world if they could only become an equal – then they too would take no prisoners!

Do you really want to spend your life competing with your male counterparts – fighting hard all your life to be on equal terms?

This is not what the Sisterhood of Womanhood is all about! You are above that, so, gifted with intuition, think of it as a mindset or, ‘Horses for Courses’.

Womanhood is not about being tough and unable to deal with situations – few men have intuition. 

They appear to inherit the war gene instead. But does this mean being in control? Caring, providing and protective towards their women is their role but competing with the equality of women behind that stiff upper lip of macho men (who are not always so macho on the inside) is a fierce battle no one really wants. We should stand still in a crisis oozing compassion or understanding and nurturing the children of the world that now exist in the midst of some really ugly adult situations they find impossible to handle.  (In Syria they have to eat cats, often the neighbours’, but sometimes their own; the family avoid telling them it’s their pet that went missing.)  Man cannot help the way they are built, just as women can’t either because we are built so different.  If men cannot cope with the common cold, how would they cope with menstruation and giving birth?

As children we are brought up to believe the story of that huge snake in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve, and we do so the rest of our lives until Life lifts the pink scales from our eyes and we realise it’s just another fable for Good–v –Evil, epitomising the Battle of the Sexes!  Suddenly comprehending all it epitomises, we stare again at the picture in disbelief.  That is no snake, with its lengthy body entwined about the trunk clinging for support. Does the tree epitomise man, and the snake woman, or is it vice versa?  The beginning and the end of our changing roles in Commitment to Life!

Equality of the Sexes has no guarantees, so is it really worth it when you can be comfortable in your own skin and achieve happiness in Life to the best of your ability; it is hard enough without being anxious to get on an equal footing.   The grass is seldom greener on the other side… especially when the autumnal winds arrive with an icy blast, and the leaves on that tree of Life in the garden have long gone and that flaccid snake has literally curled under a huge rock that you will never be able to lift again. But, you still have to undo the things you should never have done, and find time to do the things you should have.

Find a cause and get pro-active! If you have no idea what Earth was really like watch James Cameron’s vision of Earth in ‘Avatar’!  We are destroying and polluting our planet fast beyond anyone’s imagination. Europe is paying the warlords of Somalia with weapons of war in exchange for ditching chemicals and toxic waste off Africa.  Imagine where the currents are carrying that waste? What lies beneath those waves that lap the shores of our continents? Salty sea foam is no longer snowy white. It’s often sludge brown. No wonder whales and dolphins beach in suicide pacts on distant shores when they can no longer breathe.

What has this to do with Adam and Eve? Everything!
Why is that men covet ripe apples, the apple of man’s eye, that only poison and destroy him in his continual search for others? His problem will only be solved if he searches for and gains intuition instead of domination, under the assumption that the union between man and his woman will bring peace to this beautiful planet?

One ATM at man’s disposal is not enough.  Sometimes he searches for another because he has to stay on top, even though he has a good woman at home. Uneducated, destined to be a Domestic Engineer (alias housewife), her ATM is her security, providing her needs – but not her greeds.  Even in a soulless marriage some women treat their bodies as the local ATM – dishing out favours if only to ensure that she can cope with sponsoring her aging parents and children.

Her sophisticated sisters look down on this struggling female as they step out suited and booted in stiletto heels to their jobs as personal assistants, nurses, army personnel, librarians, hairdressers, etc. At the end of the day their salaries is hard cash deposited into their bank accounts, which they garner in much the same way. Collecting her monthly salary from the ATM she glances at a woman talking irrationally on a cellphone, tapping her painted nails irritably on a lamp post, and she ponders briefly if that woman is plying her trade, while she herself queues to cash in on her own personal ATM.  She does not stop to consider that the other woman, her sister from another mister, may have been abused by an uncle, an older brother, or gang raped at the age of puberty and with all this baggage, has no self worth.  And, as she stares she may or may not realise that truly she is no different.  Insecure in the fact that really anyone with half a brain cell could do her job! All it takes is fawning over her bosses with salacious comments and suggestive office rituals full of promise.

It does not cross her mind that she has sold her soul to the highest bidder; yes, it includes sleeping with the boss (male –  or female these days), drinking flutes of champagne and eating at the most salubrious restaurants but all the while subconsciously scheming what her next option is to be if she is to crack the privileges of working above that glass ceiling in the corporate world, that includes flying in private jets and accompanying the married boss who  ensures she is ultimately rewarded for her services.

There is no risk insurance available at ATMs for broken hearts, STDs or HIV and now possibly Ebola with its warning tag of ABC!  (‘Avoid Bodily Contact’).  It has to be worth the effort! Or is it? The Sisterhood of Womanhood is about caring and being compassionate with those around you – without counting the cost. Many aspire to be a loyal Pastor’s wife without realising the cost.

A successful woman is quietly determined, devoted and dedicated yet she is still a real woman.  Her list is endless: Celine Dion, Oprah, Dolly Parton, Beyonce, your Pastor’s wife. Despite the dice they were rolled, they prove daily that Life is not a dress rehearsal…. whichever outfit they wear, their success lies in that their secret weapon is the foundation garment of Womanhood. Listen to Sara Ramirez singing ‘The Story’ on You Tube and then check out Yahoo’s Finance great 9 tips from female entrepreneurs and networking experts for their rules in networking success!  You can do it!


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