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MPs threaten to leave meet over Mbabazi

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President Museveni was on Monday evening reportedly forced to remain at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi, after NRM legislators threatened to abandon an ongoing retreat if Secretary General Amama Mbabazi was allowed to lead discussions.

Asking not to be named in order to freely discuss the matter, sources said the incident, which emphasised the internal strife currently rocking the party, was provoked by an attempt by Mr Museveni to leave Mr Mbabazi in charge of proceedings.

Hardly had he mentioned Mr Mbabazi’s name, than MPs, who included ministers, loudly voiced their disapproval.

“The MPs did not like to be left with Mbabazi in charge when critical issues affecting the party were not addressed and when he suggested that he was leaving many did not like it. They shouted that they would leave as well,” one source said.
Daily Monitor heard that Mr Museveni moved to avert a very public snub by inviting Bank of Uganda Governor, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile to present a paper on inflation and economy.

According to the programme, sources said, the President was supposed to make opening remarks, leave, and later return for the closing session “but he chose to remain behind to guide the retreat after reading the mood”.

This paper was told that this turn in events is what probably prompted Mr Museveni not to allow in journalists, who were invited from Kampala, to cover the opening of the retreat.

The NRM is expected to carry out urgent house-keeping during the leaders’ stay as an internal revolt threatens to further divide the NRM.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the retreat, MPs were lectured by technocrats from different government departments while the expected discussion on politics and the teething matter of festering internal intrigue surrounding the ‘Museveni succession. &

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