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Mukasa Mbidde wins EALA seat, NRM dominates

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Parliament has elected members to the East African Legislative Assembly.

The elected members are; Dan Kidega, Nusura Tiperu, Margaret Zziwa, Mukasa Mbidde, Susan Nakawuki, Dora Byamukama, Opoka Okumu, Bernard Mulengani and Mike Ssebalu.

As the elections kicked off, Leader of the opposition Nandala Mafabi announced that they had suspended the UPC and DP from the opposition in Parliament.

The announcement followed an acrimonious debate where UPC and DP declared that they would back their candidates to stand in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) elections. UPC and DP stuck to participating in the elections despite a call by the opposition parties to boycott the elections.

“I want to talk to the leader of government business in Parliament. We (FDC) are not going to participate in the election. I forthwith suspend DP and UPC. From now on FDC is only party in the opposition,” Mafabi asserted.

He said they had failed to agree on the number of slots to be taken over by the opposition parties because NRM was insisting on taking six slots out of the nine slots for Uganda, leaving two for the opposition parties and one for the independent candidate. Mafabi expressed disappointment at DP and UPC who he said had betrayed the cause to lobby for a slot for each party.

Amongi Betty UPC whip in Parliament shot back saying UPC was an independent party; the party had consulted with DP and would participate in the elections. Joseph Ssewungu (DP) blasted FDC saying their National Executive Committee had agreed to present a candidate to participate in the elections.

Tororo municipality MP Sanjay Tanna disagreed with Mafabi saying there was adequate consultation among parties. Tanna said a verification committee was set up by Parliament where FDC participated. Tanna appealed to MPs to be united while representing Uganda and avoid trivial politics.

Aruu county MP Odongo Otto backed Mafabi saying DP and UPC should ally with NRM since they decided disobey the leader of the opposition and decided to participate in the elections.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was chairing the House which was electing Ugandan members to EALA. There were 17 candidates in the elections which included six from NRM, three from the political parties and eight standing as independents.


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