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Murder puzzles family, residents

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It is 8pm and Ms Christine Achayo is unsettled because her husband has not returned home as has been the case. Ms Achayo, not leaving anything to chance, picks her phone to call Olam Loka.

“We are still discussing a very important matter in office,” Loka, 42, answers.
Ms Achayo, settled that the head of the family is still in office, relaxes but those would be the last words to hear from Loka. He did not return home alive.

“When I rang him again at about 9pm, his phone was switched off, but some witnesses said they last saw him at around 7pm walking with an unidentified person,” she says.
His body was the next morning found in a pool of blood in his office located on Awere Road in Gulu Town on Tuesday.

The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery to his family and residents.
Loka, who was buried in his ancestral village in Bungatira Sub-county on Wednesday, is the proprietor of Loka and Sons Construction Company.

The District Police Commander, Mr Denis Odoch, when contacted said it was still too early to come out with a full report regarding the murder but said investigations were going on to track down the assailants.

“We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death because pre-empting our preliminary findings could jeopardise investigations,” he said.
Meanwhile, a boda-boda cyclist, who was found near the murder scene, has been arrested by the police to help with investigations.

The Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr Johnson Kilama, however, advised people against staying up late in office, saying bad elements could take advantage of such situations.
“It’s important that we take care of our own security in situations where we cannot be sure of our lives, especially staying in office until late hours, should be avoided,” Mr Kilama said.

But the allegations that the entrepreneur was seen with unknown people at 7pm, further clouds the incident. This is the second high profile murder in the district in just a week. Last weekend, Alfred Okwera Lutop, 30, a resident of Koro- Abili, was also found dead and his body dumped on the roadside. The killers have never been known although investigations underway.

Rampant Murders

  • The police last week reported that the search for quick wealth, land wrangles, and domestic wrangles account for more than 50 murders that have occurred in Kampala city and other parts of the country this year alone.
  • Then police force spokesperson Simon Kuteesa while releasing an interim report about the murders at the Police headquarters on Parliamentary Avenue, said more than 30 suspects have so far been arrested in connection with the murders. He said the Force has stepped up investigations and security measures to ensure safety in the city.
  • Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu was shot dead by unknown assailants on William Street, Kampala on April 20.
  • Another Muslim,Hajj Abubaker Kiweewa, was on June 22, 2012 at Kyanja Prime Petro Station killed by unknown people.
  • Police indicate that they are thoroughly investigating the matter. Several cases have been reported countrywide.

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