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Museveni lauds Kategaya’s honesty

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President Yoweri Museveni Wednesday described the late Eriya Kategaya as an active pan-Africanist who excelled in serving Uganda and Africa with honesty.

Mr Museveni was speaking at a thanksgiving service at Kololo Independence Grounds, for the fallen First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for of East African Community Affairs, Eriya Kategaya.

He said because of his character, he was always concerned about serious issues and was not corrupt.

“Kategaya and I have been telling that you should unite,” he said.

The President said he worked with Kategaya to defeat sectarianism in Ankole and later the entire country.

He urged Ugandans to concentrate on serious issues like solving problems of transporting goods from the coast other than watching European football.

Mr Museveni said Kategaya’s main contribution during the National Resistance Movement struggle was to do clandestine work mainly in Kampala city

“He would go to night clubs which were centres of mobilisation. In 1971-1979, he linked us up with with Akena Pajok, who linked us up to Jacob Okello who later connected us to the Acholi Chapter to fight Amin,” Mr Museveni said.

He said Kategaya’s death was caused by a blood clot that is caused among others living a sedentary life by sitting for long hours in offices and meetings without exercising.

“Kategaya has died pre-maturely, it is a big loss,” he said.

Kategaya died at Nairobi Hospital on Saturday. He will be buried tomorrow in Ntungamo District.


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