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My call to all Ugandans!

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It is a great pleasure for me to write these few words about the momentous event that has been the 2nd Uganda Convention UK ,  that took place on 15th   September 12 in London .

We have been truly blessed to have had so many outstanding speakers and guests, and very many delegates, who hold Uganda dear to their hearts.  Without this love and dedication to our home country, an event such as the convention would be a futile exercise indeed.Brussels Airlines, LycaMobile, JOMAYI, Western union, Arilio Chili, Signware, Exceline Catering Services, Okusinza Mu Luganda Church, Greenwich School of Management, Terrence Higgins Trust, Herit Watt University, Barnes Harrild & Dyer Solicitors, MM2 Capital, IPS Legal, Golden Light 4 Elderly, MoneyLine, Moneygram, World Remit, City Holiday, Beverly Hills Motel (Uganda), Afri Mobile, Ebony Courts, The Promota Media, Action Wealth,CJ Reilly

It is precisely because we have these feelings of care, of belonging, of wanting to see our people flourish, come out of poverty, and be healthy, that so many of us attend such an event, determined to get involved, to make a difference. This desire to ‘do our bit’ is the best foundation from which to start putting down the first building blocks.
Uganda abounds with opportunities. I do not think that lack of capital should deter anyone from getting involved. More and more, the government and other institutions, as well as new laws, make it easier for anyone to set up business or invest in partnership with others, in so many ways and in so many different sectors.
All investment and activities, however small they appear to be, do make a difference on the ground in Uganda . We all know how microfinance can turn a family’s welfare around, where the most pressing hardships are eradicated in a very short time.

In her wonderful book ‘My Life’s Journey, Janet Museveni mentions that mindsets need to change in order for change to take place on the ground. Ugandans in the Diaspora have that power to change mindsets back in Uganda . They have seen, learnt and lived many new ways of life and work, which could all be the keys needed back home to open and enrich minds in ways that money could never achieve. Shared knowledge can be just as precious as capital investment.
After hearing our guests speak, I trust that no one has any doubt any more that the whole of Uganda is calling on its ‘scattered children’ across the world to come back and plant some seeds of the enriching lessons and harvests they have gathered in those far away lands. It is our love for our country that will ensure Uganda will flourish. Not one of us should rest easy until we have all made a difference, small or big, even if it just to ensure that a young child can remain in school for one year, or provide a bicycle for a District Nurse.
I am filled with complete confidence that much will be achieved, following this Convention. I want to encourage every single one of you to aspire to make a difference to the future of Uganda . We owe it to all our brothers and sisters in Uganda , we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the world.

Willy Mutenza, Chairman
Uganda Convention-UK – Mobile: +447790 647 089


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