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Nana AFUA ANTWI, Talented Model and Upcoming Designer

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Which part of Africa do you come from?
I am originally from Ghana which is located in the West Africa

How did you start as a fashion designer?
I started off as a designer right after my graduation from College on my fashion project , discussed my theme label ‘’Adopted Culture” to my Tutor who seemed to love it and technically it got started from there as it boost my confidence on taking my fashion ideas to the next level

Did someone discovered your talent or was it your interest?
Designing has always been part of me as I am naturally an artist. When I was studying art and design I was torn between being a portrait artist or a fashion designer, but in the end I was more confident in diverting my creative ideas into fashion. I have good skills in 3D construction, so that also encouraged me to put that to fashion by shaping my fashion ideas into a form.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A successful Entrepreneur in the modeling and fashion world (giggles)

Have you participated in any of the International Fashion shows?
Not at the moment but I’m all booked for International shows this year so I can’t wait

Who is your favourite designer?
It’s really tough to say as am in love with lots of designers. Currently I will say Sonia Rykiel, a  French designer; just love her current trends on Paris Fashion Week  and New York Fashion Week it was great

What is your African favourite restaurant in London?
Hmmm, I‘ve always enjoyed eating at home but I’ve been to 805 restaurant twice and I like their reception there so I will go for 805 restaurant

What 2 beauty essential things you can’t live without?
I love using my lip gloss all the time; I can’t do without my eyeliner; it’s a must no matter the weather ‘(laughing)

Who inspires you?
Currently every successful person out there inspires me a lot but as a model and designer I am mostly inspired by Tyra Banks
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What is your favourite store in London
I love shopping at TOPSHOP

What do you advise other young models aspiring to become top models?
First of all becoming a model is a tough challenge and the model industry is highly influential in both good and negative ways so I will advice young aspiring models to research about any modeling work before they get  into it. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people that will channel you through, so no need to rush.

Do you watch America’s top model? Who is your favorite judge?
I love America’s Next Top Model from cycle one and yes I do enjoy watching it, my favourite judge is definitely Miss j Alexandra as he brings more life to the judging panel all the time whenever he’s on board

Who buys your products?
Currently my upcoming clothing line ‘Adopted Culture’ its for all women with curves so ideally women buy my product

What challenges do you find in this industry?
Most of the challenges I go through during modeling work is the insufficient funding for black models these days as we don’t normally get a lot of paid jobs which can be quite challenging

Do you think Africa fashion has a place in the international market?
Yes it does and I feel it’s happening gradually , Arise Fashion week in Lagos recently has put Africa fashion on the map so fingers crossed.

Have you ever won any international recognised award?
Yes, I am the current winner for Top Model of Colour Uk 2010/11 and it  has been an excellent international award for my work as a model and representing models of colour here in London and Africa

Any words of advice for a young lady who aspires to be a model?
Well it’s all about knowing who you are and discovering your talent and making the best out of it.

Current Winner for Topmodel of Colour UK 2010/11

Brown African print bridal gown with waterfall lace detail. £150

Dress Designer: NANA AFUA
Photographer: Sophie | The Promota 07790647089
Makeup artist: Bridget Yankson – 0740 347 7185

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