Natasha Shyrose

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When and where were you born?
I was born on 15th January 1982 in Tanzania.

When did you move to Norway?
I moved to Norway in 2001.

What schools did you attend?
I did my secondary studies in Uganda at Kibuli Secondary School and studied Fashion Design in Aglo College in Norway. Currently, I am studying for a Masters in Cognitive and Biological Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Did you have interests in music whilst growing up?
I started singing at the age of 5, as far as I can remember. I have always loved music because it was one of the things that made me happy.

Which musicians inspired you?
Artists who inspire me are Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, James Brown, Neneh Cherry, Kelis, Linking Park and Miriam Makeba and Ms Triniti.

Are you doing music professionally?
I have been in real recording studios ever since I was 16. I still continue to do so. Since music is a very challenging and unstable industry, I cannot say that I live from doing music alone. I keep my songs at professional levels though. I am also passionate about fashion and I run an online web shop at, whilst also doing my Masters in Psychology.

How many albums have you released so far?
When I was 16 years old, I had one of my first songs Sijui Niseme released in Tanzania. This was a project of Clouds Fm. My first album will be out on my birthday on 15th January. It will be first released digitally through Amazon, Itunes and Cdbaby.

Music is changing every day in East Africa? Are there any specific new artists you are appreciating at the moment?
Artist I have been appreciating musically in East Africa are plenty. My favourite ones  are Ay, Ray C, Jay D, Diamond, Chameleon and Blu 3.

Are you planning any concert soon?
I am still looking for people who can arrange a concert with me around Europe and Africa. I am planning my first concert in Tanzania next year around July.

How do you relax?
I love to go for the long walks, meditate, dance, exercise, travelling, listening to music and spend a lot of time with my family and friends.

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