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Netflix tapping Africa market with the help of Kenyan entertainment veteran and film producer Dorothy Ghettuba

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(CNN)As coronavirus began to spread around the world earlier this year and countries started locking down one by one, sheltering in place for some meant finding new forms of home entertainment. For international streaming giant Netflix, that equated to nearly 16 million new paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 alone, followed by another 10 million during the second quarter.

With roughly 193 million total subscribers in over 190 countries, it is one of the world’s largest entertainment empires.
But while subscriber numbers are up, filming of new content has halted due to the pandemic, a big blow to the entertainment industry from Hollywood to Bollywood. One bright side, according to Netflix’s chief content officer and newly appointed co-CEO Ted Sarandos during an April earnings call, is that the company’s 2020 lineup is already “largely shot and in post-production remotely.”
Netflix also has its eye on untapped market potential — especially in Africa, where the streaming service has a presence in all 54 countries. In December 2019, the company brought on Kenyan entertainment veteran and film producer Dorothy Ghettuba as the head of African Original Programming.

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