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netmoney – send more for less!

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So who are netmoney and what makes them different? When you hear money transfer you would be forgiven for thinking netmoney is just another company offering the same as all the rest, but that is where you would go wrong and miss out. netmoney is different, as a UK regulated company, they are growing rapidly for three main reasons: they have brought an ethical approach to sending money, given customers direct control over sending and receiving money and made the cost of sending money simple and affordable, and when you find out how you can send any amount from £10 to £5000 instantly for a fixed fee of £2 it all begins to make sense.

When you look at the facts, our communities have the greatest need to send money back home, and generally tend to be on the lowest incomes in society and pay the most for a service which is a lifeline. This is wrong and by any standard unethical. For years, companies have been charging more, the more money you need to send, and charged extra for sending it quicker. This is clearly taking advantage of customers. Even Kofi Anand has got involved, lobbying companies to be fairer to customers. This is where netmoney stands out from the rest and why customers are flocking to them. From the beginning, netmoney have been transparent, enabling customers to send any amount up to £5000 instantly from their home, workplace or on the go for a fixed £2 fee!

So how does it work? Well, it’s incredibly simple. You open a netmoney Visa account and when you apply you also add your loved ones whom you plan to send money to regularly. The application process takes less than 5 minutes! Once your application is successful, netmoney will set up a separate online account for each person and also issue each person with their very own netmoney Visa card. All you do now is credit funds into your netmoney account and once you have funds in your account, decide on the amount you want to send and send direct to your loved ones instantly into their netmoney account by online access, or by SMS or by calling customer services, all from your armchair at home or your desk in the office or sitting on a bench in the park. No middleman, no agents and no paperwork to complete! Your loved ones receive the money instantly and can go to withdraw at any time of day or night from any VISA cash machine. They can even log into their netmoney account and check online before they withdraw. Your loved ones now no longer need to deal with the inconvenience of travelling to an outlet, queuing up or running the risk of a criminal activity, all this for a fixed fee of £2.
The Traveller:
In fact the netmoney account has proved so popular it is even used by those travelling abroad, who no longer worry about exchanging cash before they leave or after they arrive at their destination, simply using their netmoney VISA card to withdraw local currency from any VISA ATM for a fixed fee of 45p, or making purchases in shops and restaurants, making it safe, secure and completely hassle free, whether travelling for business or pleasure whilst saving on lots of fees at the same time. No more coming back with foreign currency in your pocket and having to pay extortionate fees to change it back, pace yourself and manage your spend whilst abroad and you should be getting on the plane to return home having only spent what you needed and returning with no foreign-currency in your pocket or charges to change it back, simple!

The netmoney account is also helping those who need an account but are unable to pass the stringent checks of High Street banks. netmoney provide each customer with a sort code and account number which enables them to have their wages paid in and together with their netmoney VISA card, are able to withdraw cash at ATM’s, make purchases in shops and restaurants or pay bills.

Over the past few years, netmoney has been steadily growing to become a trusted and well established service provider for customers, helping them to take control of their money and support loved ones.

To start sending more for less, visit to apply for an account or call the friendly Customer Services Team on 01223 790697 to find out more about netmoney.

Farooq Mohammed
Director – netmoney

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