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New female artist AVM (Alice Violet Mutumba) is about to release her Debut Single Kwata Ko

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AVM sites her travels around the African continent as the biggest influence to her music and to her as an artist. “I am Ugandan but LOVE the entire continent. I have visited countries such as, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Angola and of course my native Uganda. Everything about Africa has given me the inspiration to follow my dreams.”

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“Afro Beats have been popularized in the U.K by male artists who have enjoyed top ten hits, but I think its time for a woman to step onto the scene.”

“I am excited about my first single Kwata Ko because African music is the future, and is opening doors for artists like me based in the West. In London alone two major radio stations are now playing African music and African artists are releasing their music in the European charts.

“This IS New Africa, (TINA). I hope to bring something unique to the African music movement, and believe that my brand of Progressive Afro Pop, will do

just that.”

“My musical influences are Afro beats from West Africa, Afro House from Southern Africa and Kuduru from Angola. Of course I also love, R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel, Ragga, Socca and even classical. Growing up in London has exposed me to many cultures and styles.

The upcoming video to the song was directed Konstantine of Ikon Production and produced by one Mastermind Media. AVM says, “I was lucky to be guided by such professionals for my first video and things will only get better from here…”

About Alice Mutumba

Alice Violet Mutumba “AVM” has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 6 years starting as a child TV star in her beloved Uganda. She moved to London, England at the age of 8.

It was in the UK where AVM nurtured her talents, including, singing, song writing, basic music production, TV presenting, acting, events management (Director of Music On The Catwalk).

AVM started pursuing music seriously at the age of 18 after being encouraged by her Performing Arts A Level teacher and after college enrolled in a music technology course. She started co-­‐writing and producing pop songs with a German freelance producer. She co-­‐ wrote three demo songs with him which were sent to various record labels and picked up by Nigel Wilderman, a Virgin Record label A&R executive who advised AVM to continue song writing.

AVM started a creative company called True Media and through the orgnisation edited and published 5 popular editions of True Magazine, which were distributed across the U.K. She will continue the magazine as a business venture in the future.

She later went on to create a live music and fashion show concept entitled “Music On The Catwalk (MOC). MOC has been produced in both London and New York.

AVM has also worked as a producer on the NEA (Nigerian Entertainment Awards) one of Nigeria’s biggest Music Award Shows in 2009, 2010 and 2012. She has also briefly managed other artists, being part of the founding group that created UK girl group Ange Noir.

AVM has finally connected with top producers for her upcoming debut album British African. With her first single Kwata Ko due for release on the 26th of June, and she has big hopes for the future.


For more information Contact:

Manager Towax Achigasi / +44 7889279775 +44 7956082298

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