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NIC Africa 2014 Creates Africa Nuclear Industry New Situation

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African countries are seriously considering adopting nuclear energy. South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria are planning to build nuclear power plants in the next decades and other African countries are considering or preparing for nuclear.

Based on the rapid demand of nuclear power in Africa, the series event of Nuclear Industry Congress Africa 2014 is gathering returns to Cape Town, South Africa scheduled for Feb. 25-26th, 2014.This congress offers a holistic view of many commercial opportunities and challenges and eminent speakers from Department of Energy, South Africa, Eskom, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, KEPCO, Areva, Westinghouse, Rusatom Overseas, CGNPC, CNNC will deliver keynote speeches.

Africa country¡¯s quest for nuclear power is boosted by an abundance of uranium and a dramatic increase of electricity demand. Although result below expectation, two times bids for the preparation of South Africa nuclear power plant proved government¡¯s strong attention to develop nuclear power plant. Within the establishment of South African National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordinating Committee South and South Africa¡¯s President Mr. Zuma chaired this committee, the nuclear industry of South Africa seems step into a point of no return.And other Africa countries will closely follow the pace. South Africa's cabinet will consider tens of billions of dollars worth of new nuclear power plants and government commitment to the future of nuclear energy is strong, with firm plans for further 9600 MWe in the next decade, generating 23% of its electricity.

Therefore, Nuclear Industry congress Africa 2014 will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the nuclear energy market with fresh project updates and holistic perspective which draws widespread attention like nuclear new build program, infrastructure, legal regulatory framework, reactor technology selection and localization, nuclear fuel cycle and waste management across the Africa region. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in this market, this 2-day congress will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.

Besides, 2nd Turkey-MENA Nuclear Industry Congress 2014, the largest, most well-established conference and premier networking event scheduled for April 15-16th, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey is hot to sign up. It will bring all the major stakeholders from the region together in one location to discuss and provide solutions to the barriers of nuclear power plant development in Turkey-MENA.

About NIC series events
NIC series events are one of SZW Group¡¯s brand conferences. Within close cooperation with the local Government and international associations, it has been successfully organized across Turkey-MENA and South East Asia and attracted a large amount of industry leaders and built a good reputation and widely acknowledged. It is unanimous deemed as one of the best platform for nuclear industry professionals¡¯ networking and information exchanges.

Nuclear Industry Congress Africa 2014, Feb 25-26, Cape Town, South Africa
2nd Turkey-MENA Nuclear Industry Congress 2014, April 15-16, Istanbul, Turkey

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