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Oh BAII BYY! Russian woman stuns London shoppers by pulling up in a Mercedes covered in a MILLION Swarovski crystals

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  • Daria Radionova covered her £25,000 Mercedes CLS 350 in thousands of pounds worth of Swarovski crystals 
  • The Russian native parked the sparkling vehicle outside the Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge this afternoon 
  • Dazzling vehicle courted attention from onlookers with many stopping for their own photos of the bespoke car 
  • Business student spent £20,000 adding one million crystals to the car and said she enjoys driving it around  

Nestled in the buzzing streets of west London, Knightsbridge has long been considered a playground for the rich and famous.

And every summer Arab playboys speed around its polished streets in garish super cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

But one Russian woman has given the young men a run for their money – by parking her crystal-encrusted Mercedes outside an exclusive hotel for the world to see.

At £25,000  many would consider the Mercedes CLS 350 an extravagance in itself. 

But Daria Radionova made her 2011 model even more luxurious, by covering it entirely in Swarovski crystals. 

‘I wanted to have something unique and do something special,’ the 21-year-old business student said. 

‘The people who did it came over from Russia and worked for 12 hours a day for two months on the car.

‘I am really happy with it and I am looking forward to driving it around.

‘It has only just been finished and everywhere I go people stop to have a look at it.

‘It gets lots of attention from people walking by and in cars. Sometimes I think they might crash.

‘Everyone is taking pictures of it. When I sell the car I will give the money to charity.’

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