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Oil saga: Museveni speaks out

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PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has dismissed documents about misuse of oil money circulating in parliament as a forgery. He was addressing a news conference  Wednesday evening at Nakasero State House in Kampala following a  two-day stormy debate in Parliament.

His address came at time when a section of MPs had embarked on collecting signatures to censure the accused ministers. The conference kicked off with the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Energy and Mineral development, Kabagambe Kaliisa giving a brief background to oil deals.

He said studies were made about how much oil Uganda has, dismissing claims by MPs that government does not know how much oil is available.

In attendance was Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, Attorney General Peter Nyombi and Energy minister Irene Muloni among other government officials.

Kabagambe stressed that the misconception going around that the oil transactions do not have a legal basis is not true.

He further explained that when oil was first discovered in Uganda in 2006, there were a number of challenges faced, top on the line being establishing an insitutional framework to manage the process of oil production.

On the question of information availability on the agreements to the public, Kabagambe pointed out that worldwide, petroleum deals are by large confidential. And that it should not be different from Uganda. The custodian of the information has a right to withhold the information in question until when deemed necessary to release it to the public.

Museveni said that Uganda is using the Production Sharing Agreement system of oil contract, where the governement and an oil company agree to carry out oil exploitation. If oil is found, then it is shared. But if no oil is discovered, the risk burden weighs down entirely on the company which has to take care of its own costs incurred in the process of oil discovery.

He also made known that Uganda is sitting on a full oil underground with 23 oil fields.

kyamanywa | Darfur
The way am looking in to this matter this is how it begins. We should be very careful with implicating this Oil matter with politics One day we shall end up fighting like South Sudan and North Sudan, and latter it will lead us to division of the tiny Uganda in to two Mark my words.
David | Kampala
I just do not understand how one can start talking about transparency but yet emphasising the need for confidentiality! Help me understand this colleagues. I am loosing patience to the trust that I accord to our politicians these days.
Taremwa Precious | Kampala
TAREMWA PRECIOUS KYAMBOGO UNIVERSITY For sure, I thought who ever signed on behalf of Uganda Government, did it on behalf of the citizens of this country since they say Uganda is a democratic country which is the Government of the people , for the people and by the people. Hence these Oil sharing agreements in real sense are signed between the people of the republic of Uganda and the Oil company contracted to drill and process the oil and not any other person. Therefore the issue of confidentiality should not arise at any moment.
Josephat opio | Lira
Ugandan shd learn to be transparent in handling public business.
Rukundo Godfrey | Kampala
I want to whole heartedly thank the 9th parliament for exhibiting the true spirit of Nationalism.Let who ever is implicated in the saga resign and if they refuse, let the parliament use its full powers to implement article 118(vote censure) of the Republic of Uganda.
nelson | kampala
we should all as ugandans share on the cake from oil. whether educated or not, rural or urban.not for a few individuals.
Wasswa | Juba
Oh dear me! why should Oil agreements be confidential? we need to know why the agreement should remain confidential or why it is world wide a confidential matter? If the whole world accepts that Oil deals remain confidential, do we have to accept it as well? No way! we are different!
abraham luutu | kampala
so who is the beneficiary in these oil deals,the people of uganda,or the foreign companies contracted to drill and process the oil .Am in total disagreement with this so called confidentiality because the people signing the deals are politicians whose knowledge on such matters is questionable not to mention their characters so lets go public or no deal and let the people of this country not be fooled even an idiot knows something is terribly up ugandans and think about your kids when u r long gone and quickly forgotten.
Let those implicated in the oil saga respect the public and resign from their respective offices to pave way for investigation.

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