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One Day He Was The Richest Person In The World. The Next Day He was Bankrupt. The Unreal Life Story Of Nelson Bunker Hunt…

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By on October 22, 2014
A man you’ve probably never heard of died yesterday in Texas at the age of 88. The man died at a modest assisted-living center outside of Dallas, where nurses were treating him for dementia and cancer. I realize this news alone wouldn’t normally be worthy of an article on Celebrity Net Worth. Similar scenarios must play out thousands of times a day across the United States, 365 days a year. Maybe even tens of thousands. But the person who died yesterday had a very unique life story. After all, how many people who die on a given day have the distinction of at one point being richest person in the world??? Even crazier, how many people who die on a given day can say that they lost billions of dollars and were left bankrupt by one bad bet?  This is the unreal life story of Nelson Bunker Hunt…

Nelson Bunker Hunt was born on February 22, 1926 in El Dorado, Arkansas. The family moved to Dallas when Nelson was very young. His father was an extremely successful oil tycoon named H.L. Hunt who was one of the earliest people to discover oil in East Texas. H.L. Hunt was also an extremely successful procreator. Nelson’s father would go on to have 15 children by three different wives.

Out of all of the Hunt children, Nelson was most like his father. Just like dad, Nelson dreamed of striking it rich in oil. And since dad had Texas pretty well tapped, Nelson decided to try his luck overseas. Read more

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