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One thing about History Maiza and Mastura meet Alexander Miles the inventor

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Who invented the method for opening and closing Elevator/Lift doors this question is answered in the one thing about history series by author Natasha John-Baptiste (£6.99) a series of books highlighting people who have made a difference in black history be it scientists or inventors.

“Send out the Welcome Wagon!”

One thing about history is about two children who meet up with a problem and a miraculous thing happens in order for them to solve their problem.  Each book deals with various issues where someone from the past helps the children of the future.

Author Natasha John-Baptiste shows mix of reality meets fantasy:  “Natasha John-Baptiste stories are warm and full of feeling warm as well as being very informative

Natasha John-Baptiste is a Singer Songwriter working as a writer and teacher. She studied Music at Westminster university and is currently working on several novels she has just finished working on a screenplay for the British Film Festival

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ISBN 978-1-903289-39-6
To place orders for the book, contact:
Natasha John-Baptiste
Phone & Fax: 07749 133 428

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Natasha John-Baptiste

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