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‘Oscar Pistorius faces death if he goes to jail’: Prison gang leader ‘The General’ has ordered hit on athlete behind bars, claims Blade Runner’s lawyers

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  • Criminal kingpin Khalil Subjee has threatened to ‘take out’ athlete, court told
  • Head of feared 26s gang ‘will never let runner exploit his wealth and fame’
  • Reeva Steenkamp’s cousin made emotional plea for Paralympian to be jailed
  • Kim Martins says he ‘needs to pay for what he’s done’ to her family and his
  • She said: ‘Killing harmless person behind door needs sufficient punishment’
  • Told how she is ‘fearful’ of athlete – and never speaks his name at her home
  • Denounced runner’s witness box apology to model’s parents as ‘insincere’

A ruthless prison gang leader has threatened to ‘take out’ Oscar Pistorius if he is given preferential treatment in jail, a court heard today.

Khalil Subjee – known as The General – said he would order ‘a hit’ on the double-amputee if his fame and wealth bought him an easy time behind bars.

Defence lawyer Barry Roux quoted the claims from a newspaper article to argue that the athlete’s life would be at risk if he was jailed for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Mr Roux said Subjee, 47, the head of the feared 26s gang who claims to control all of South Africa’s inland jail, spoke to the paper from a prison phone box.

Subjee said: ‘If he thinks he is going to come here and buy his way to get computers and cellphones and a lavish lifestyle, he must know that will never happen for as long as I am around.’

Subjee, who has been in and out of prison for the past 33 years, admitted he had organised similar retribution on other prisoners who had received special care, including the killer of Chris Hani – a hero of the anti-apartheid struggle.

The revelations came after Miss Steenkamp’s cousin made a dramatic appeal for Pistorius to be sent to prison, telling the court that he ‘needs to pay for what he’s done’ to her family and his own.

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