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It’s becoming more evidently clear that all man’s experiences are a product of his thoughts. Whether he knowingly or unknowingly chooses these thoughts does not matter. Those thoughts bring to him his experiences. From thoughts, man creates beliefs and those beliefs become his reality. The bible was so clear about it before science could prove it “As a man thinketh, so is he”. When the son of God talked about having “…faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed…”, as the basis for moving mountains, He was talking about thought. Faith is belief and our beliefs come about only as a product of our thoughts.

It is quite easy to tell which thoughts dominate a person’s mind by looking at the experiences of his life. We make our thoughts and in turn our thoughts make us. We live our thoughts by experiencing whatever they attract to us. When you are angry, joyful or sad; poor or rich, look through your thoughts and think which ones are causing those experiences; physical or emotional. Want to be happy, think happy thoughts, want to be ‘rich’, think ‘rich’ thoughts, want to achieve success in your endeavours, think along that line. Everything starts with a thought.

Through our thoughts, we attract into our lives the physical experiences we live. The difference between a ‘poor’ person and a ‘rich’ person may be viewed in terms of the physical, but at a deeper level, one realizes that the real difference between these two people is in the thoughts housed in the mind of each one of them. The same is true of happy or sad, sick or healthy people. Country dwellers, for instance, normally have different thoughts compared to town dwellers. Do you think there is a ‘real’ difference between a pilot and a farmer except that confirmed by the thoughts each of them holds, of course as a result of training and practice? Nothing makes a person except the thoughts in his mind.

We create our world by the power of our thoughts. Many years ago, man thought that the only means for him to get along was by foot. When that thought changed, we saw animals, carts, bicycles, cars, trains and aircrafts. Thoughts gave rise to nations as they are known, and we have accepted them as reality, and sometimes think of them as natural!

There are minds that have created diseases where none existed, and on the other side of the spectrum, some minds have thought thoughts that have ‘cleared’ diseases where medical examinations confirmed they existed.

Since our thoughts create our experiences and our world, we should decide to deliberately choose our thoughts so as to be able to see the world we desire. The only way we can have total control of all our experiences is by taking total responsibility for our thoughts. We should deliberately decide what we think in our minds as what we think is what we see. The old adage “what you see is what you get”, talks to the sight of the mind, not the sight of our physical eyes.

The power of thoughts to create our reality/the world as we see extends to groups and entire societies. A given society and all its experiences is the sum of the thoughts of the majority of the people therein. Economically prosperous societies represent equivalent thoughts in the minds of the majority in those societies, and poor societies have poverty thoughts as more dominant in the majority of their minds. Peaceful societies represent the majority of the people in those societies as thinking peaceful thoughts, so does it apply that war-torn societies represent war thoughts in those places. Just as individuals attract to themselves the physical equivalent of their thoughts, societies send off thoughts that create for them their experiences.

Very often we rush out into complaining about situations and people we abhor where we would have done better if we accepted our power to change what we see by changing what we think. Experiences are a result of thought, and if what we experience is undesirable, the first and most important step is to change what we think.

Many of us usually hold ourselves back from achieving what is within our power and ability by thoughts such as “when I grow up…”, “If I were younger…”, or “if I…, I will…”, “…we would…”, “yes but….”. In reality, what stops one from moving ahead is not the age or anything that the person gives as a reason for not doing or being what one wants to be or do, but the thought itself, the deeper thought that starts off the alibi. Thoughts hold us back or push us forward. Whenever we hold a thought in our mind we must stop to ask whether that thought enables us move into the direction of what we desire or not.

How do our thoughts create the world we experience? First, our thoughts are magnets. They attract to us everything that is like them; situations, people and other resources. We do not have to be aware of this for it to happen. The thoughts we think also determine the action we take and its frequency. Think of a student who has focused her thoughts on being at the top of her class in an up-coming examination. The action that student takes will be propelled by those thoughts, she will most likely read more often, attend lessons, contact teachers and participate in discussions more than anyone else. Contrast that student with another who does not care what grade he gets in the test. The actions and behaviours of this latter student will be different from the former.

Thoughts keep us focused and as such attract to us the object of that focus. They set our minds free to detect and receive everything that is ‘friendly’ to them. The law of physics, “like poles repel” is reversed in the dynamics of the mind and human interactions to “like attracts like”. The experiences, situations and people in our lives are exactly like the thoughts we hold…they are like us. Whether we are conscious or unconscious, this law is always at play.

Very often, we are unaware of our thoughts and their effects on our lives. This is the reason we always think we do not have power over what happens to us. We attack others and situations for our experiences in life and never get into our minds for a deliberate cleansing. When we do not like what we experience, we should look at the thoughts we normally hold in our minds and change them to thoughts that will give us what we want to experience. This means that we move away from being reactionary to being proactive, to actively creating our world, with the first action taking place in our minds.

Only when we become deliberate about our thoughts can we take up the responsibility for our experiences in our world. By being conscious, we can create beautiful things. No conscious person can desire sorrow for himself. One of the challenges for us humans is that we have sometimes, both consciously and unconsciously desired bad things for us and our brothers. We have had this going on for so long we often think that when bad things befall others, beautiful things will undoubtedly remain our exclusive right. What an illusion! Have we not brought bad things to all of us when we meant bad things to some of us? When we get into the habit of desiring beautiful things for ourselves, we will become comfortable in desiring the same for others. It is so amazing how even wanting beautiful things for others ensures beautiful things for us.

There is always time between a thought and its manifestation. And definitely action will be required. Just because we hold a thought does not mean we realize its physical counterpart immediately or without action. The unconscious thoughts we have thought have taken some time to manifest to us our physical experiences, and they have moved us to take action leading to those experiences. So, the same goes for when we start to consciously create our experiences. But whatever time it takes, and whatever action is required, we will do good to remember that our experiences are a product of our thoughts.

Pius Seguya

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