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Pakistan emerges Kenya’s key exports destination

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Pakistan has become a leading importer of Kenya's goods in Asia region.

Official data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) received on Monday indicate that the Arab nation comes second to United Arab Emirates (UAE), making the country a crucial trading partner of the East African nation.

Kenya's main exports are food and beverages, which include coffee and tea. However, the East African nation also exports non- food industrial supplies and fuel and transport equipment.

"Domestic exports by broad economic indicate that food and beverages was the main export category in January with a share of 45 percent, while the value of non-food industrial supplies and consumer goods not elsewhere specified registered a share of 28 percent and 21 percent, respectively," said KNBS in its latest report on Kenya's economic indicators that covers January and February.

The analysis showed that in January, Pakistan was the leading importer of Kenya's goods in Asia, beating UAE during the period.

The Arab nation imported goods worth 364 million U.S. dollars, which was an increase of 73 million dollars from last December's exports.

On the other hand, Kenya exported goods worth 341 million dollars to UAE, its foremost trading partner in Asia. This was a jump of 28 million dollars, from last December's 313 million dollars worth of goods Kenya exported to UAE.

The rise in Pakistan's exports in January made it the fourth leading destination of Kenya's goods across the world. The Asian nation was beaten by Uganda, Tanzania and Britain.

Overall, Kenya exported goods worth 2.8 billion dollars to Pakistan last year. The highest exports were made in the last quarter of 2012, where Kenya exported goods worth 279 million dollars in October, in November 366 million dollars and in December 291 million dollars.

The least exports to Pakistan were made in April and May, where Kenya exported goods worth 158 million dollars in April and in May 130 million dollars worth of exports.

On the other hand, most of Kenya's exports to UAE were made in September and December. In September, the East African nation exported goods worth 298 million dollars and in December 313 million dollars.

As the second major destination of Kenya's exports in Asia, Pakistan beats countries like Germany in Europe and Egypt in Africa. Kenya exported goods worth 1.2 billion dollars to Germany last year and to Egypt goods worth 2.5 billion dollars.

In January, Kenya's exports to the two nations amounted to 82 million dollars and 262 million dollars respectively.

However, according to KNBS data, Kenya's leading destination of exports is its neighbors Uganda and Tanzania.

East Africa's biggest economy exported goods worth 6.8 billion dollars to Uganda last year and to Tanzania 4.7 billion dollars. Rwanda came third in the region with 1.6 billion dollars worth of goods.

In general, Britain is Kenya's second largest importer of Kenya' s goods. Kenya's former colonial master imported goods worth 4.8 billion dollars from the East African nation last year.

In January, Kenya exported goods worth 542 million dollars to Uganda, 461 million dollars worth of goods to Britain and Tanzania had a share of 415 million dollars.

Kenya's domestic exports during the month hit 5.1 billion dollars, up from 4.3 billion dollars in December last year. The value of re-exports in January stood at 488 million dollars, up from 465 million dollars in December.

On the other hand, Kenya's main source of imports in January was India, followed by China and UAE.

The East African nation imported goods worth 2.9 billion dollars from India, China 1.7 billion dollars and UAE 1.3 billion dollars.

In January, KNBS indicated that Kenya's imports mainly consisted of industrial supplies with a share of 34 percent, while fuel and lubricants, machinery and other capital equipment and transport equipment registered shares of 23 percent, 15 percent and 13.43 percent respectively.



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