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Patches to boost female sex drive

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I have heard there is a new patch out to help women with no sex drive. Could you please tell me more? I am married and have had sex once in two years. This is not fair for my husband who I love very much.
Please help.

The expert says?

There has been some publicity recently in the media about the use of hormone replacement therapy patches to boost sex drive in menopausal women. Oestrogen patches restore normal levels of this important female hormone and can increase sexual enjoyment and hence libido (it's no surprise that a woman's sex drive diminishes if she finds sex uncomfortable and/or unsatisfying).

Testosterone patches also boost circulating hormone levels but they have a much more pronounced affect on sex drive. Testosterone is normally thought of as a male hormone but it is found in women too and levels do fall as women get older. Testosterone replacement needs to be done carefully – only small amounts are required and too much can result in masculinisation (excessive facial hair etc).

All of which is fine if you are menopausal, and hormones are at the root of your trouble but there are 101 other causes for loss of sex drive, ranging from depression to simply not fancying your partner any more. The fact that you have only made love once in the last two years suggests that there is some sort of problem but don't automatically assume it's your hormones.

This is something you need to discuss with both your husband and your GP.


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